How History Guides Us into A Sweeter Future

Why do companies tell their histories? And why should anyone care? After all, isn’t it about what you offer people today, not back in the 60s?

History, however, does matter if everything you do now is steeped in the hard work of earlier generations.

At “Pergalė”, each new product we launch is a result of two intertwined quests. We observe the spirit of the current time to create new confections that are in line with it. But the creative process does not happen in a vacuum. We innovate by building on the ideas and recipes developed years or even decades ago by “Pergalė” chocolatiers. We study our history.

The past and the present are intertwined at our factory. History is never locked in a museum, but rather used every day as a guide to an even sweeter and tastier future.

That’s why we are proud to share our history with you.


Lithuania enters the age of chocolate. A small chocolate factory by the name of “Fortūna” is opened in the dreamy streets of Vilnius.


The factory’s original name is changed to “Pergalė” which also marks the opening of a modern confectionery factory.


Modernization starts bearing fruit. Following an innovative and sophisticated recipe, “Pergalė” chocolatiers create “Sostinės”, a chocolate candy which immediately becomes a favourite among the ladies. “Sostinės” remains beloved to this day.


Our second confectionary masterpiece is born. A result of an even more complex production technology, “Vilnius” chocolate candy conquers the hearts of all sweet-tooths. The product is awarded the Quality certificate which was at the time the highest possible recognition.


Operating in the gloomy environment shaped by the communist regime, “Pergalė” seeks to provide a little bit of sunshine for the people. Therefore, a new line of exotic candies “Ananasiniai” is launched. The candies quickly become synonymous with the promise of a better, more colorful life.


1967 is the birth year of “Paukščių pienas” (Bird’s milk) sweets. The name refers to an ancient Greek idiom meaning an unobtainable delicacy. To this day, “Paukščių pienas” sweets are a mainstay of Lithuanian celebrations.


Inspired by the success of “Ananasiniai” sweets, “Pergalė” chefs come up with a new waffle candy recipe. Half a century later, “Nomeda” candy bar is still universally loved and appreciated for the nostalgic aura it carries with it.


The birth year of “Gaidelis” (baby rooster) cookies. A favourite among children, “Gaidelis” cookies are usually enjoyed with jam or butter. In recent years, “Gaidelis” has become a trendy choice among the hip and the fashionable.


The company name is changed to “Vilniaus pergalė”.


The company employs an integrated management system in accordance to ISO 9001 quality management standards and HACCP food safety requirements. These developments further improve the quality and consistency of all “Pergalė” products.


The company installs a modern “Aasted” line to streamline the production of assorted chocolate boxes. This upgrade made “Pergalė” products much more attractive in the export markets.


The company registers “Pergalė” brand name and the gold-coloured logotype. The same year the company receives recognition from “Nielsen” who select our 100g dark chocolate bar as the Best New Product. To this day, the product is in the league of its own when it comes to locally made dark chocolates.


A quickly growing business needs a new home. “Vilniaus pergalė” moves to new state-of-the-art facilities (V.A. Graičiūno street, Vilnius).


The company is setting an even higher bar for quality: 2013 marks the implementation of the IFS food standard (99.23 % evaluation).


There can never be too much chocolate. “Vilniaus pergalė” purchases “Naujoji Rūta” confectionery factory in Šiauliai. This move allows the company to further diversify its product range and to increase the productive output.


The recently purchased production plant in Šiauliai undergoes a reconstruction. A newly installed cookie line is tasked with the role of producing legendary cookies “Gaidelis”.


“Pergalė” is exploring new sensory frontiers. Our dark chocolate with beetroot takes everyone by surprise. Every classic was once an innovation. At “Pergalė”, we seek to be great at both. And when we gaze into the future, we just know that our new sensory adventures will be just as amazing.