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What is pleasure?

Kaip malonumą įsivaizduoji tu? Gal tai naujieji PERGALĖ UNIQUE su „gianduja“ ir kakavos pupelių gabaliukais? Galbūt PERGALĖ UNIQUE su „Marc de Champagne“?


What’s with all the rushing, chasing every bit of the news? When was the last time you stopped to cherish the moment? Now is the perfect time.

New boxes for assorted sweets

We have developed a new elegant box design and a special foil wrapping for each individual sweet inside that allows flavour and aroma to be retained. But there’s more! We have turned the sweets into secret messages, by changing their shapes.

About us

The company’s history goes back to 1922 when a small craft chocolate factory was opened in the dreamy streets of Vilnius old town. Today, a century later, “Pergalė” is a globally ambitious brand carrying more than 290 products that are sold in 39 countries worldwide. Our product categories include chocolate boxes, chocolate tablets, pralines, liquor chocolates, chocolate truffles, dragées and even biscuits.

Our sweets

Having mastered the art of confectionery production over many years, we offer a wide range that will satisfy even the pickiest gourmets.

Pergalė sweets – in 39 countries around the world

There is no country in the world where people don’t like sweets. Milk or dark chocolate, bars containing nuts or caramel, marshmallows, truffles or gummies – we listen to our customers and follow our hearts. That’s probably why lovers of sweets from over 39 countries around the world have chosen Pergalė products for so many years.