began in
20th century

The History

Our history could be called a history of Lithuanian chocolate production. It began in 1922, when the first confectionary factory in the country was established. In 1930, new owners have changed the factory name to FORTUNA and started to produce chocolate products.

The History

In 1946, Lithuania made a strategic plan to modernize its confectionary production. As a result, in 1952 the most modern factory at the time – VILNIAUS PERGALĖ was established. From then on, the factory has grown steadily in both the local and international markets.


Our most important goal is quality. Therefore, we spend a lot of time to find the best raw materials. The ingredients must be exactly the way we want them to be: rich, fragrant, having expressive taste. The chocolate that we use for making our chocolate bars contains no GMOs or palm oil.


Long years of chocolate mastery helped us to build up a wide range of products: assorted chocolates, exclusive and premium chocolates boxes, chocolate bars, pralines, pomade or liqueur sweet chocolates, truffles, dragées and even more. Some of them still keep authentic secret recipes - the same as 50 years ago.


Our products are recognized and highly valued in more than 35 countries worldwide. But more importantly – we are the leaders in many categories within Lithuania and its neighbor countries. Our PERGALĖ brand is number one in the local market. Almost everybody knows and likes us – the brand awareness is 95% in Lithuania.


If you want to increase quality and productivity, you have to invest to new technologies. And this is what we do constantly. The last biggest upgrade we did in 2012, made us capable of keeping our products fresh for longer and preventing them from coming into contact with the environment. We also have implemented leading quality control and product protection systems, such as IFS. Our plan remains the same – we will keep investing into modernization of the factory every year.