The legendary sweets SOSTINĖ made using a unique technology take up to 3 days to make. The first step is forming a crispy chocolate sweet shell, which is then filled with two complementary layers of condensed milk and aromatic milk liqueur.

Average nutritional value 100 g
Energy value 1740 kJ / 413 kcal
Fat 13 g
of which saturated 8,1 g
Carbohydrates 68 g
of which sugars 64 g
Protein 4,1 g
Salt 0,09 g
Weight 170 g
Dimensions with packaging 160x45x90 mm
Product code 4770179100127
Weight 250 g
Dimensions with packaging 40x45x135 mm
Product code 4770179100189
Weight 380 g
Dimensions with packaging 203x45x203 mm
Product code 4770179109939

Chocolate sweets with milky liqueur filling 65%. Ingredients: sugar syrup (sugar, water), chocolate 35% (country of origin EU) (sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable fats (in different proportions: sal, palm, shea), cocoa butter, emulsifiers: lecithins from soy, polyglycerol polyricinoleate; flavour), sweetened condensed milk 24%, ethyl alcohol 3.6%, glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, cream powder 0.2%, stabilizer invertase, flavour, corn starch. 

Chocolate mass contains no less than 43% dry cocoa solids. Chocolate mass with cocoa butter and other vegetable fats. 

Storage: store in a dry place at the temperature of (18±3)°C.